Course Outline


The course includes introduction to the requirements gathering role, project scope, methodologies, requirement elicitation techniques, managing documentation, managing group sessions and validating requirements.

These 2 factors relate to a poor requirements gathering and management process. This course identifies and teaches the core communication skills and organisational processes needed to turn customer requirements into meaningful software requirements.

What you will learn


  • Understand what Requirement Analysis is and it's importance in successful projects
    Methods to interview and meet with business specialists
  • Work with Use Case scenarios and UML modelling
  • Understand requirements for documenting, categorising and packaging.
  • Conduct a requirements review
  • Effective approaches to requirements gathering
  • Scope projects
  • Validate user requirements
  • Use application development methodologies

… and much more


Course Content


  • Introduction to the Requirements Gathering role
  • Project Context and Scoping
  • Analysis Communication Methods
  • The Requirements Lifecycle & Process
  • Effective Approaches to Requirements Gathering
  • Analysis Methods, Tools & Use Case Workshop
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Conducting a Requirements Review
  • Validate the Requirements
  • Overview of Application
  • Development Methodologies
  • Overview of Agile and other Project Managment methods
  • Gathering Requirements in a Group Setting
  • Case Studies and Exercises

The requirements engineer should be able to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information from multiple sources and reformulate the problem into a common understanding for both technical and non-technical audiences. The result should be specified as a consensus-based set of accurate systems




To understand the importance of managing requirement scope throughout the project. To understand the requirements gathering life cycle. Methods and approaches to interviewing/meeting business area specialists and asking detailed questions. Identify core requirement components. Understand an approach for documenting, categorising, and packaging requirements. Introduction to the Use Case approach.Introduction to requirement modelling.


Understand application development methodologies from a requirements view.Verify that requirements are testable and generate testing objectives. Conduct a requirement review.Gather requirements in a group setting by preparing an agenda and managing the group discussion.




This course is suited to anyone involved in the requirements gathering process for software development. This course is designed for both technical and business professionals who want to learn a professional approach to identifying, documenting and communicating requirements for a software development team.




2 Days

Course can be held at one of our venues or at a venue of your choosing (if you are booking a group).