A CRM strategy is a major undertaking that needs to be dealt with and planned properly. What will it take to successfully implement your CRM strategy? First, you must build a team. The members of this team should include a representative of every department who will use, or may use, the system either initially or ultimately. You should include members from sales, marketing, customer support, customer service, management, IT, finance, and sometimes others. A key member of the team should be an external, or outsourced, individual who is experienced in planning and implementing CRM solutions. Second, you need to market the project internally. Give it as much exposure and hype as possible in order for the entire organization to understand the project so they accept it as a positive effort that will benefit the company and its customers.


Cloud Computing is a fashionable term, but what are the real advantages, costs and risks. The benefits it heralds are not to be ignored; reduced costs, increased performance, pay per use, green benefits etc etc. However, with all the noise and headlines from the IT vendor community, it is hard to understand what exactly this means for your organisation. The term itself is very broad in aspiration and makes little reference to the massive change implications it proposes for the organisation of how important data is stored, transmitted and secured.


2013 will see continued strong growth in global eCommerce and even greater growth in mobile Commerce. North American and EU recession hit consumers, who now see B2C eCommerce as mainstream, routinely revert to the internet as a sourcing option for product. Global stats paint the same picture and forecast even greater growth in B2C mobile commerce.

The issues surrounding the collaboration of knowledge and delivery have to do with the management of the data and processes involved as well as some very emotional aspects of the customer's relationship with the bank and the extent to which individual customers perceive the bank as a threat to their privacy. To build on the full strength of this collaboration, banks need to completely understand the issues surrounding the use of knowledge, and then tread lightly.