Successful project managers understand the corporate environment in which their project is being delivered. Core to our Project Management outsourcing service is the development of a strong partnership with our clients, whereby we understand their culture, their way of working and their strategic goals.

We can then help build the optimal-sized project management resource – maximising the use of the core internal team and utilising our highly experienced consultants to cover any hot spots or weaknesses. While doing so, we ensure the transfer of project skills and new techniques to our client’s staff via structured mentoring and coaching.

Client Dynamics’ Project Management service can assist any organisation that undertakes one or more of the following activities:

  • utilises the services of contract or temporary project management resources
  • works within a multi-project or multi-location project environment
  • has difficulty in forward planning their project resource needs
  • has an internal project team that is over-stretched
  • needs to improve the capability and effectiveness of their project management staff
  • has a business critical project that needs urgent attention
  • wants to maximise the use of their internal team without losing control to third parties